Global Reach

The world is at your doorstep –¬†whether you’re in Toronto, Tokyo or Texarkana. At NAI, our global market coverage is uniformly excellent. We have top-tier companies and deep-seated professionals in major and secondary markets. This level of coverage works exceptionally well for our clients because of the connections hard-wired into our network, including standards of transaction management, information control and real estate technology that have always led the industry.

Best practices are shared throughout our network. For more than a decade, NAI has gathered best practices by each industry specialty, codified these processes into our proprietary Strategic Transaction Administration and Reporting system (STARsTM), puts all of the forms, processes and financial analysis to work for our clients, reducing cycle times up to 25%, cutting process costs, enhancing value and increasing speed to market.

Real-time information is actionable information. Because of our unique model, NAI has always put a premium on the early adoption of cutting-edge technology as a means of speeding communications, delivering the highest-quality collaboration among our team. Our proprietary transaction management system, REALTracTM Online, is recognized by the industry as one of the most significant technological innovations of the past 20 years. By combining the best people, processes and systems, the NAI network delivers proven results for our clients.

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